Safety, Access & Environment

Transport, Access & Infrastructure

The site is located in a highly accessible location. Given the ease of access to public transport at this site we will provide a small number of car parking spaces only for disabled residents. These are located internally within the site and not on Hastings Road.

The site is well served in terms of public transport. It is close to a number of frequent bus services, as well as being within walking distance of local services such as shops, schools and healthcare.

In addition, the site is within walking distance of two stations: West Ealing (2 minute walk), and Ealing Broadway (20 minute walk) which will be accessed via Crossrail in under 10 minutes.


Access to the retail units will be from Drayton Green Road and Hastings Road. There will be a pedestrian access to the new homes from Hastings Road and two access points are being investigated from Drayton Green Road.

There will be one vehicular access into the site, taken from Hastings Road, this access will be for cycle parking and refuse and servicing.

In line with our aim to deliver a car free development, there will only be a small number of car parking on site for disabled users. Additionally, some (five spaces) of the existing car parking spaces for Majestic will be replaced within the ground floor for customer use. We will expect all other users travel via alternative means, such as public transport.

Cycling and Walking

To promote a healthy lifestyle and to minimise short car journeys, cycle access and cycle parking is included on the ground floor of the new development.

A total of circa. 307 cycle spaces will be provided for residents, and both staff and visitor cycle parking will be provided for the retail aspect of the scheme, in line with London Plan policy standards.

Community Facilities and Infrastructure

As part of the new development, a significant financial contribution towards local community facilities and infrastructure would be made as part of a planning legal agreement.

Education and Health

A legal agreement is likely to include a financial contribution towards local education and health services to fund any additional resources required to meet the increase in pupils and patients.


Fire Strategy

  • Appointed fire specialist from the commencement of the project to advise on all fire safety aspects of the proposal
  • The main facade material will be brick and concerete panels
  • Residential sprinklers in each apartment
  • Fire alarm systems in each apartment
  • The stair cores within the building are designed as fire fighting shafts
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